Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.
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Ahinama DC (The Hague)

"The Greatest Show" program
Ahinama is a group based in The Hague, Netherlands established in 2017. In 2019 we won the Dutch Salsa on2 championship with our latest show Salsa de Tomate and ranked 2nd in the Stargate competition of El Sol Salsa Congress. We are truly passionate about NY style salsa combined with Cuban and fusion elements and we are known for our fun and unique formations, our strong group connection and our crazy Ahinama style.

Ahinama is a Cuban expression for "This is it, Don't look Further!" - often used for a great song or dance. We are a Salsa Dance company based on true passion & friendship. We like to combine the classic On2 Salsa style with Cuban and fusion elements, and are famous for our fun flow, strong expression and on stage connection with each other.

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