Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.

How we choose our artists
   We choose our artists very carefully. Our explicite goal is to present you artists which you will find at night dancing on the dance floor, simply because they LOVE social dancing.
   We are looking for artists which are still burning with passion for the dance, those which teach you stunning moves with joy and ease and with love for the details.
   We believe that it is part of our mission to promote talents for the future of our community and give them a chance and platform today. They will grow and eventually make themselves a name.
   We also insist that our artists behave professionally at all times, when communicating with us but also when dealing with you, with all our attendees, in the classes and on the dancefloor and everywhere else.           We believe, that this way, with those artists we choose, you will take more (nice memories) home than with a line up full of "Big Names", artists you might find everywhere else as well, but once you made your selfie with them you won't see them any more. If your thoughts are similar, check out carefully our line up and join us for a unique experience. 

Our #ZeroTolerance policy

We believe: the dance floor should be a safe place!

   We do not tolerate sexual abuse, disrespectful behaviour or  aggression against dancers or members of our staff. If you have experienced or witnessed yourself such actions, do not hesitate to report and ask for help. Contact the registration desk, or the info desk and ask for either Elena or Kerstin. They will listen to your report and we will act responsibly. Your report will be considered confidential and no action will be taken without your consent.

   If it happens in the venue in a public space, try to gather testimonials, your friends or any others who saw what happened and bring them along with you, so we have better evidence of what happened. If it happened in a private space, still do not hesitate to report. Keep in mind - in order to make the dance floor and this event a safe place for dancers the key is prevention. It can be in your hands.

   Follow your common sense and apply some simple rules:
- if you get touched or kissed without your consent, forced to do anything you don‘t want to do on the dance floor or you face disrespectful behaviour: feel free to be loud, make noise, call attention, and leave the dance floor.
- if you see somebody on the dancefloor facing disrespectful behaviour: follow your common sense. Go and ask if everything is okay. Act. Don‘t wait. Don’t be a passive bystander of inacceptable behaviour.
- in both cases: tell all your friends. Make sure everybody knows about your experience. Make sure none of your friends and no other dancer will have to face the same behaviour.

   The only way to get rid of predators and disrespectful people, is by making sure NOBODY dances with them and nobody makes out with them. We want this to be an inclusive place for all except predators. They will leave if they don‘t get what they want. It is in your and our hands.

How to get from any of the airports to the main venue (and surrounding hotels)

Airport Berlin Tegel (TXL)
Take bus X 9 or 109 in front of the terminal building, exit “U Jacob Kaiser Platz” change to subway line U 7 in direction to “Rudow”, exit “Möckernbrücke”. Take exit “Hallesches Ufer”, turn left and follow the street to the next corner, turn right into “Möckernstrasse”, after 200 m you will  find the Tempodrom on the left side.You need a ticket AB which cost you 2,80 €.  

Airport Berlin Schönefeld (SXF)
Take bus X 7 in front of the terminal building A in direction to “U Rudow”, exit “U Rudow” change to subway line U 7 in direction to “Rathaus Spandau”, exit “Möckernbrücke”. Take exit “Hallesches Ufer”, turn left and follow the street to the next corner, turn right into “Möckernstrasse”, after 200 m you will find the Tempodrom on the left side.You need a ticket ABC which cost you 3,20 €.

Public Transport

The closest subway station is "Möckernsbrücke" (U1 & U7), approx 4 min walk.

The closest S-Bahn station is "Anhalter Bahnhof" (S1, S2, S25) just in front of the Tempodrom.
The closest bus stop is "Anhalter Bahnhof" (M41, M29), 3 min walk from the Tempodrom.

Our system of levels and how to find your level
Together with the Academies concept we will also introduce a new labelling system for the level of each Academy using a scale from 1 to 10, allowing you to classify yourself more precisely and choosing your preferred Academies more accurately. Each Academy represents a scale of levels, never only one (exception: Master). For example Level 2 - 5. This means the emphasis in the particular Academy is on different main topics offering something to learn for each of those levels as described below.
Please refer to the following description of the labels when classifying yourself and when choosing your Academies. Disclaimer: the duration of time envolved (ie how many months you have been dancing) is a suggested average time scale.
Level 2 - The Basics. You are dancing for 3 - 6 month and you already took a number of basic classes. You master the basic rhythm of the dance and you are able to execute all basic moves of the dance.
Level 3 - The Timing. You are dancing for 6 - 9 month intensively taking classes. You easily keep the timing in the music while dancing and you already learned the basic techniques of leading/following your partner. Basic techniques for turns - if required in the chosen dance - are known and understood.
Level 4 - Leading & Following. You are dancing for 9 - 12 month. In the meantime you got addicted and you are taking classes whenever you have the chance. You also go out to socials to practice with different random partners. You are secure in leading/following all basic moves/combinations and in keeping the timing. Basic footwork you do with ease.
Level 5 - Turns & Footwork. You are dancing for 12 - 18 month. Execution of multiple turns as leader/follower is no problem for you. More complicated combinations in partnerwork you learn with ease. When dancing socially you started to integrate some basic footwork. You never think about timing anymore when dancing.
Level 6 - Frame & Picture. You are dancing for 18 - 24 month. You already travel to festivals and weekenders whenever you can. Maybe you hated footwork in the beginning, but now footwork became a big part of your dancing. You create space for you and your partner for shines and dancing without being connected when it fits with the music.
Level 7 - Dynamics. You are dancing for 24 - 30 month. After you mastered all basic moves/combinations/footwork now you are looking to find your personal style with bodymovements and different dynamics while transferring the focus more and more to the music.Leading & following became internalized. You are a fast learner of combinations and footwork and you are able to execute them with random partners in short time.
Level 8 - Musicality. You are dancing for 30 - 36 month. Musicality is now our new focus. A nice song inspires you to become creative. When dancing you go beyond reproducing the steps/combinations/moves you learned in classes, you are starting to become creative yourself.
Level 9 - Connection. You are dancing for 36 - 48 month. You are dancing socially whenever you can and probably you already participated in performance courses or bootcamps and maybe even performed on stage. You are always looking for the next challenge.  Listening to the music and adapting your dance/moves/styling accordingly became part of your social dancing. You truly care about the connection with your partner and always look out to enhance this connection.
Level 10 - Creativity. You are dancing for more than 48 month. Being creative while dancing in the music connected to your partner - that is your goal and mission now. You are looking for true challenges.
Master - After you mastered all levels you still love to learn and to enhance your dancing. Probably now you are already teaching or performing. But surely you love to dance all night long on the socials !
Master Pro - Looking for the ultimate challenge.

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