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DJ Nao (Brussels)

Kizomba Floor
THE REVELATION: DJ Nao is one of the most talented newcomer in the scene and already heavy on tour.
This guy knows how to move the crowd from Urbankiz to Ghettozouk and Kizomba. While he spins you will forget time & space. You’ll definitely get to know more about him and his personality. On top of that, he’s a great dancer!

Get to know more about your DJ'S!
We asked our DJ's a few questions to find out more about them. Here are Nao's answers:

1. Rank your favorite music style when playing:
1. Ghetto Zouk 2. UrbanKiZZ 3. Tarraxha 4. Doceur 5. Kizomba 6. Semba
2. Are you dancing yourself?
3. Who taught you your first steps, who inspired you?
Learned on my own and got inspired much by DJ Zay'X, DJ Lass and DJ Pingusso
4. What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
    I loved the Kizomba music and I wanted to transmit something through it.
5. What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
    Reading the crowd.
6. What is most important for a successful party night?
   The perfect mix of styles.
7. What kind of music do you listen to when you are not working as DJ?
8. Which advice would you give people who want to start DJing?
   Always open your ears :-)
9. What was your most happy moment as a DJ?
   Playing in front of more than 1500 people for the first time.
10. If you would have a free wish, which event would you like to play at?
   KZL - Kizomba Luxembourg Festival.