Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.
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Pierre Henry (London)

Bachata Musicality
CONTROVERSY. Pierre likes to bring up and discuss controversial issues. As a DJ he features an incredibly deep knowledge about music and history of music and dance, in particular about Bachata. He will give in his Academy deep insights in the structure of Bachata music, which key instruments have to be played to call it a Bachata, where Bachata originated from and he will bring some light into the current controversial discussion in our community about Bachata and the so called Bachata Nueva. Don't miss out on this class if you are a lover of Bachata !