Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.
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Lisa & Samuel (Freiburg)

Cuban Salsa/Musicality
MUSICALITY. Lisa & Samuel are products of the internationally known AYA dance company in Freiburg, where their dance style was shaped, before they went to Milano to learn with Adolfo Indacochea. They are dancing many kinds of different dance styles and combine them in their dancing and shows. They are specialized in musicality, Samuel has deep knowledge about music, instruments and musical structure which they happily share with you in their Academies.

Lisa & Samuel are the rising stars in the European Salsa Scene. Known for their creativity and musicality, their knowledge and their unique mix of cuban flavor with mambo techniques. They love to social dance with you and to bring your skills to the next level in their structured and informative workshops!

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My Instructors/DJs Sessions

Friday, October 4

5:15pm CEST

Saturday, October 5

11:00am CEST

5:15pm CEST

Sunday, October 6

5:00pm CEST

10:00pm CEST