Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.
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Lebanon Latin Festival (Beirut)

About Lebanon Latin Festival
The biggest festival in the Middle east “Lebanon LATIN Festival” is back on September 4 to 9, 2019 bringing you always Top of the line artists & world champions.

It is held in the luxurious beach resort “EDDE SANDS”, located in the oldest inhabitant city in the world “Byblos, Lebanon”. This festival has become the biggest in the Middle East, and one of the favorites worldwide, hosting 90+ super talented artists, 15+ amazing DJ’s, 130+ top quality workshops, 2 boot camps, 50+ hours of social dancing including afternoon socials for the first time, 90+ stunning shows, 3 arenas to party, the famous crazy pool party, live singers, adding unforgettable beach parties and Zumba Parties.