Welcome to "The Greatest Show" at Berlin Salsacongress 2019! At Berlin Salsacongress we are aiming to set the standards for the events in our community by being the first to create and introduce the most relevant innovations in our industry. Join us for a weekend of amazing dances with some of the best dancers from literally every corner of the world.
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Paris International Salsa Congress

9 - 12 April 2020, Paris
This event got truly popular in a very short time in particular due to the really high level of social dancing! The parties are amazing and they start already the entire week before with a preparty every night in different local parties. Standing out by their love for the detail, some amazing show programs and people from literally everywhere in the world - and all this in the city of love, the city everybody has on their bucket list, you should definitely give them a try if you haven't been yet!

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